Promoting mutual understanding and cultural dialogue

Teaching techniques: Fröbeltower (Discouraging factor #5)

  • Factor #5: Feeling of exclusion from the group (classmates)

Learning Objectives:

To playfully strengthen the team spirit.

Strengthening the group dynamics can produce a good team building. It describes in which way people in a group interact with one another. If the group dynamics are positive, the group works well together. If the group dynamics are poor, the effectiveness of the work is reduced.


3 to 24 people


20 to 30 minutes

Necessary Materials:

  • 6 pieces hardwood blocks,
  • 1 hanger with metal bar,
  • 1 plate with 12 holes,
  • 12 strings of 4 meters each

Description of the activity:

  1. All participants stand together in a circle.
  2. The wooden blocks are lying in the middle of the circle and each person is holding one or more cords.
  3. The cords must be stretched to let the hanger float above the blocks in the middle of the circle.
  4. Now the team tries to control the hanger and moves it with an active group communication to one of the wooden blocks.
  5. Next, all participants try to pick this wooden block, put it upright and then stack block after block to a tower.



There are plenty of variations and difficulty levels for playing this game. For example:

  • Try to not speak during the game
  • The players are holding the strings with only one hand
  • One or more players are blindfolded
  • Make to groups and play the bet

After the game it is necessary to talk with the participants about their feelings during the game. You can also talk about the different communication types.