Promoting mutual understanding and cultural dialogue

Teaching techniques: Car park (Discouraging factor #5)

  • Factor #5: Feeling of exclusion from the group (classmates)

 Learning objectives:

To give participants a chance to voice their needs during lessons

This activity takes place all through classes as soon as it is introduced. The facilitator hangs up a poster with three sections, called parking spaces. They are color-coded as the traffic light to show urgency of question or need.


Always during lessons.

Individual task.

Necessary materials:

  • Pinboard;
  • Poster with car park;
  • Post-its or paper;
  • Pins;
  • Pens.

Description of the activity:

  1. Put up car park poster. Put post-its and pens next to it. Explain the meaning of the colour codes.
  • The red space means: “I need an answer to my problem right away”.
  • The yellow space means: “Could I please get an answer as soon as it is possible”.
  • The green space means: “Please answer my request by the end of the day”.
  1. Whenever a participant wants to speak up but is not sure when there is the right time for it, they can write their question, need or wish on a post-it and stick it into the space according to their urgency.
  2. The facilitator sees immediately how soon s/he needs to react.