Promoting interculturalism, tolerance and diversity in the learning process

Teaching techniques: 1. FORUM THEATRE

Learning objectives:

To highlight in theatrical form a particular issue and to use the theatrical process to explore different approaches for working through the issue


The necessary time will vary depending on the number of participants, but is estimated between 1 and 2 hours.

Necessary materials:

Material and technical equipment, which help to create the impression of realness of the simulated situation.

Description of the activity:

Forum theatre is a method of the Brazilian theatre director, dramatist and educator Augusto Boal in which a scene demonstrating oppression is presented by actors and then replayed with spontaneous interventions by audience members who replace the main character.  The aim is, on one hand, to find ways to combat a specific oppression, and on the other – to create maximum opportunity for participation. The scene is replayed for the audience participants (spec-actors) to intervene, take the place of the oppressed main character and change the outcome of the scene. This can lead to discussion of the themes and ways of exploring complex issues.

Values of Forum Theatre:

  • Provides a safe environment for changing roles
  • Creates a sense of empathy between people in different opinion groups
  • Offers different kind of education
  • Creates learning opportunities
  • Gives voice to those who don’t have one or can’t defend themselves
  • Can influence decision makers
  • Audience participation and plurality of voices
  • Imaginative and engaging experience